Though it can take a little getting used to, this dual-level menu system does let you make adjustments to three of the most often used camera settings quite quickly. Full-Time AF means that the autofocus is constantly engaged as you move the camera from subject to subject, instead of waiting for the Shutter button to be depressed halfway. Software shipped with the unit includes Olympus’ Camedia Master 4. The Bottom Line This is a versatile and feature-laden 4-megapixel camera that should please serious shutterbugs and vacation shooters. Excellent quality by Olympus.

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This strikes me as being very useful, if you’re in situations where you’re likely to switch quickly between very different shooting conditions.

Also accessed through the camera’s shooting menu, “2 in 1” olympus c-4000 zoom captures a split-screen image. Green table cells indicate image size options that can be assigned to each named quality setting. Note that this function is only enabled by SmartMedia cards with built-in panorama-related firmware found on Olympus brand memory cards.

Corrupted memory cards can happen with any card type and any camera manufacturer, nobody’s immune. Highlighting the Zoo olympus c-4000 zoom with the right Arrow button engages the Manual Focus mode, after which the up and down Arrow buttons adjust the focus.

Pressing the right arrow key plays the movie in slow motion. The C Zoom comes with interface olympus c-4000 zoom and cables for both Macintosh and Windows computers.

For a full commentary on each of the test images, see the Olympus c-4000 zoom Zoom’s “pictures” page. This compact interchangeable-lens model is a great step-up from APS-C models, as long Also on top of the camera, in front of the Mode Dial, the Zoom Lever controls the optical zoom in all exposure modes, and the digital zoom when enabled through the Shooting menu.


Read our review of it if you’d like, but download the program nowso you’ll have it. They boast one of the broadest lineups of c-400 in the industry, with numerous models ranging from pure entry-level point-and-shoot digicams to the exceptional “near-professional” E SLR.

The Mode menu itself is divided into four subject tabs — Camera, Picture, Card, and Setup — with sub-menus associated with each. The consequence of this is that the CLA-1 design requires another threaded adapter ring, because it doesn’t extend far enough for standard 43mm filters to clear the olympus c-4000 zoom barrel.

A proprietary sync socket lets you connect an Olympus-branded external flash olympus c-4000 zoom when additional flash power is needed, and Olympus offers an accessory adapter cable with a standard PC-sync connector on it for use with generic strobes.

Olympus CAMEDIA C-4000 Zoom 4.0MP Digital Camera – Silver

This distortion is visible as a very slight colored fringe around the objects at the edges of the field of olympus c-4000 zoom on the resolution target. Another very nice feature of the C’s movie mode is its “Index” capability, a great way of quickly seeing what’s “inside” c-4000 movie file.

Not having the money to go SLR at this time, I looked to replace my camera. Self-Portrait mode lets olymmpus take a picture of yourself by holding the camera in front of you. The result is a camera that I predict great success for in the marketplace: In “HQ” mode x, normal qualityyou can snap up to 15 frames before olympus c-4000 zoom to wait olympus c-4000 zoom the buffer memory to empty, although the cycle time slows to 0.

This can create a short cut to circumvent the menu system completely for a frequently-used adjustment.


Product Support

Up to 10 shots can be taken in a panoramic series. The second of these will contain only the CCD noise, which the camera then subtracts from the image of the subject.

The subject might move or go away while you’re fiddling with the camera’s controls. Exposure and color were also good.

Olympus C Zoom: Digital Photography Review

The first image takes up the left half of the screen, and the second is on the right. The available seconds of recording time available on the memory card appear on the LCD monitor if it’s activated, based on the quality mode selected. Visit manufacturer site for details. It’s zom olympus c-4000 zoom way to check your images without spending time switching back and forth between Playback and Shooting modes.

Olympus c-4000 zoom seen in the Camedia C Olympjsthe C Zoom again offers in-camera “editing” of movies in Playback mode. The camera would come on and take pictures but the toggle button would only work if you went left.

I’ve always felt this was a great feature, since it means you can comfortably leave the camera turned on and ready to go all day long, without worrying about draining the batteries. The camera uses xD smart media cards and not c-000 more popular SD card olympus c-4000 zoom external storage may be a bit harder to find at economical prices.