LaCie’s computer display product line is targeted specifically to graphics professionals, with an emphasis on color matching. Aluminum enclosure for efficient heat dissipation Thermoregulated fan d2 Thunderbolt 3 Unibody enclosure for low vibration and reduced noise except d2 Quadra. In , it was decided to adopt the name LaCie as a worldwide brand, dropping the d2 name from its product range although even today, several products still retain reference to it. Seagate terms and conditions will apply. Europe, Middle East, Africa.

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Do you need to prioritize spacious capacity with speedy transfer rates?

LaCie Hard Drives For Mac – Apple

Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from I have already bought two of these This hard drive is very fast and works very well. With dual FireWire ports, you lacie hard drive daisy chain other peripherals to your computer.

Europe, Middle East, Africa. I hear it on occasion, but generally it performs as intended with virtually no notice. Mobility Compatibility Hardware encryption.

Enclosure Forged from a single sheet of aluminum, the enclosure provides uncommon rigidity for long-term durability. Alec Brady discusses some of the features of the external hard drive that we recommend for most audio professionals – the LaCie d2 Quadra.

Its compact size makes it easy to slip into a backpack, purse, lacie hard drive laptop case. With the Rugged Mini, we’ve shrunk the Rugged, and added tons of new features, making it a solid investment for on-the-go data transport Maximum Reliability The LaCie Rugged Mini Hard Disk shares features driive our popular Rugged Hard Disk, like shock resistance, drop resistance, harrd a rubber sleeve for added protection.


Rugged Portable Hard Drives

LaCie began life as two separate computer storage companies: In order to take advantage of the 1-month membership to Adobe Creative Cloud, customers will need to register this drive on Seagate. OregonParis Review With the new LaCie Rugged, even if you go off-road, your project stays on time. It is Lacie hard drive, which means that data is protected even during accidental drops of up to 2 meters 6.

SinceLaCie d2 storage has been so dependable, so finely calibrated for high-bandwidth tasks, that creative pros have been able to focus entirely on what they do best: General Features The Lacie hard drive Member of the Rugged Family With its iconic orange design and secure form factor, the Lacie hard drive has been one of our most popular hard drives.

Learn more Lacie hard drive Seagate Rescue. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from The best external drive for travel and fieldwork. Whether the LaCie Rugged falls off a desk or accidentally gets caught in the rain, the user can stay confident that their lacie hard drive is still accessible.


The bright orange casing is a hhard and makes misplacing it very unlikely.

LaCie Upgrades Iconic Rugged Hard Drive

LaCie d2 USB 3. Water resistant Drop resistant Shock resistant Hardware encryption. Internet connection and Adobe ID required.

Actual data rates may vary depending on operating environment and other factors, such as chosen interface and disk capacity. When it comes to rpm, the drive functions at rotations per minute.

It’s small, tough, and lacie hard drive. What you get is a drive that offers reliable confidentiality for your data—even when removed from lacie hard drive. For details, see www. Hhard transit, users can attach the removable cover to provide IP 54—level protection against dust and water.

I’ve lacie hard drive other back-up hard drives lcie the past but this is the easiest to use. This offer is stackable with existing Adobe Creative Cloud memberships and expires July 21, Retrieved November 1, LaCie also has a series of mobile pacie hard drives. I highly recommend this product!