Itronix engineers had actually demonstrated that to me during my visit by suspending the entire computer from a standard RJ45 Ethernet cable. Hard drive enclosure and heater The hard disk itself isn’t just shock-mounted. Field workers requiring a full day’s work away from a main power source will certainly need to consider adding the extra battery. But just as form follows function, function also must follow form, and Mettler made it clear that human design factors also stood very high on the list of project goals. Although it isn’t a Tablet PC, the XR-1’s XGA-resolution screen is touch sensitive, making the system suitable for field-based applications such data capture tools that use a rapid-access tap-to-select interface. The hard drive in our review unit was a 40GB unit spinning at 5,rpm Alternatively, you can specify an 80GB drive if required.

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It is shock-mounted in its own separate sub-assembly that snaps together and is secured with a screw. I can’t think of anything wrong with it. HazLoc certification and intrinsic safety are optionally available for units that will be gobook xr 1 in specific environments, including Homeland Security gobook xr 1. She happy with the backlit keyboard as she traps endagered animals at night and that usefull for her camp outs for work and home she can work in blackout room and bother her hubby.

A look inside We always open up our review units and the XR-1 was no exception.

However, while the fan removes heat, it makes sense to design the overall system so that heat is dissipated optimally and so that there are gobook xr 1 areas prone to overheating. I’ve grown attached to it, it’s downright cool.


They are, however, all the same type and size – no need to figure out which goes where. Gobook xr 1 goook backlit keyboard computer, Great value for the money! It’s also bulky, measuring 30cm wide by Microsoft Surface Pro I5 8gb 3. There is a most appealing combination gobook xr 1 colors and textures, all used to maximum advantage.

Despite the light weight of the XR-1, every part inside seems solid and almost overbuilt rather than as thin as the designers could get away with. A tour round the gobook xr 1 of the GoBook XR-1 reveals that it’s as well connected as any regular portable computer.

Genuine General Dynamics Battery for Itronix GoBook Xr-1 Ix270 Series

X is more conducive to RF performance. The top view is especially gobook xr 1. Itronix engineers had actually demonstrated that to me during my visit by suspending the entire computer from a standard RJ45 Ethernet cable. Setting the bar very high The result is stunning.

Itronix GoBook XR-1 12.1in. Notebook/Laptop – Customized

Each compartment cover is sealed. And each compartment door is clearly gobook xr 1 It is old now,probably not advanced enough for most people, though compared to cheap new laptops I was considering,that look good on paper and cost 3x as much, performance wise this one is better for some reason.

It is a structural part that easily, but very securely, snaps on. You may also like. Once gboook cover is in place, you twist two fastener-latches to tighten the seal.


HP ProBook G5 – Two slender plastic stily snap onto the gobook xr 1 of the LCD case. One of the highlights of the trip was an early non-disclosure presentation by the company’s director for the rugged notebook line, Anne Mettler, of a major new product, codenamed “Titan.

Itronix clocked a final 3DMark benchmark gobook xr 1 The touch-screen mechanism is passive, meaning that any object, including a fingertip, can be used to drive it.

General Dynamics Itronix GoBook XR-1 Specs – CNET

According to Mettler, the XR-1 is the most powerful computer in its class, using a 1. Each functional element has its place, each has its own compartment and its own seals. This time Itronix aimed for a highly gobook xr 1 touchscreen as opposed to primarily aiming for palm-rejection.

There’s plenty of scope for wireless connectivity. Gobook xr 1 the company had gobook xr 1 compromised a bit too much was in the somewhat pedestrian design of earlier GoBook models.

On the left edge, at the front, is the SmartCard slot with a protective plastic govook that snaps shut and opens via a slider at the top. It looks good, feels good, the size seems right.