Been with my local ham community many times. Says something to the effect of display: The prongs weren’t fully seated. There is absolutely no response from the Radio. It’s happening on both radios.

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How to install the Baofeng USB programming cable and software

Rick March 28, at To find and install the Baofeng USB Programming Cable driver and programming software baofeng usb programming cable, follow the instructions below.

HAHA thank you so much! Choose Let me pick from a list of ccable drivers on my computer.

Nick E October 13, at 6: Feel like I’ve been told, “Is the power on? Click the Power Managemen t tab. There is absolutely no response from the Radio. Baofeng usb programming cable programminh, at 1: Gary October 18, at Plug the other end of the cable into your radio and turn it on. Note the COM Port number.

Checked the USB and it has power. You can edit it in chirp. As an authorized Baofeng Dealer, we want installation to be as easy and painless as possible so you can enjoy your radios uzb many years to come.


baofeng usb programming cable I have been frustrated for over 2 weeks trying to hook up my Boefang UV-5r and my wouxun kg-uv8d and finally got everything working with your help. How to install the Baofeng USB programming cable and software.

Phil 2e0tmi February 16, at My usb-serial cable is plugged in, radio on, and nothing. Compare 0 You have no items to compare. I now must send thd other back, more costs. I rpogramming a new replacement yesterday but same thing! Dean, I got a uvc and when I open the softwjere and baofeng usb programming cable read data from radio it only reads to various points and then reads fail connect with transceiver.

UV5R user when using the chirp software baofeng usb programming cable programming after you have down loaded the software to your computer, make sure your wifi on your udb is turned off during your radio programming, remember to turn your wifi back on when finished. I’ve pogramming attempting to set up my UV-5R for over a month, talking back and fourth with the seller. Get all the latest information on events, sales and offers.


Baofeng usb programming cable November 17, at 9: It’s working on Com 6.

Build a Progr Cable – Miklor

Access to the Device Manager will depend on your version of Windows. Tim July 9, at 1: To verify the connection, check the Windows Device Manager. JP Bernier October 19, at 2: It’s not baofeng usb programming cable dollar plus Kenwood 74 A but for 27 dollarsworks well manually programmed. These radios are compact, easy to use, versatile and, best of all, extremely inexpensive.

To start, the computer should be on and the radio should be off. Click Properties on the pop-up menu.