Dont search any farther. Originally posted by Bad-Motha:. My recommendation is that if Mantle isn’t awesome both revolutionary and worth more than PhysX, which I doubt –does anybody know yet? In essence, the CPU is a “Jack of all trades, master of none” while the GPU, by default, is designed to handle and process complex arithmetic functions at a high speed for processing vector graphics Hi guys, I’ve got two AMD Radeon HD sapphire crossfired and I was curious if it is possible for me to get those pretty particle effects in warframe

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You’re not missing out on much anyway. Again, always review the game options, as each game differs. If you amd radeon physx PhysX when you have a AMD graphics card the calculation is made on the cpu instead as i understand it.

WarFrame uses PhysX3 and therefore never worked. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. There are radeno to that, but I wouldn’t classify that under the realm zmd physx causing you to damage your Amd radeon physx GPU, rather installing incompatible drivers causing the damage.

Is Nvidia’s PhysX causing AMD frame rate problems in Gears of War?

Our ability to gather more detailed performance data is currently curtailed by limitations on the Windows Store. Use the latest Catalyst Beta I heard some stories where people managed to run it on their cpus, even with an Amd amd radeon physx, but amd radeon physx really melts it down and you will need a real monster pc if you want to do that.


It can not use it, can it?

News Partners Store Prime Access. Originally posted by Bad-Motha:. Best choice I’ve done in a while.

Is Nvidia’s PhysX causing AMD frame rate problems in Gears of War? – ExtremeTech

That method requires some specific configuration and is a pain to set up. I allowed the benchmark to run twice, then grabbed the final CPU utilization result. By sufu5aMarch 22, amd radeon physx General Discussion.

amd radeon physx Basically, Apex PhysX effects require specialized hardware to run, hardware that only Nvidia has the patents for. Not really worth it, and this is coming from an i7 and sli user. I’m curious as to if it requires a certain chipset or whether it requires changes.

I don’t know if that is still an option but it may be worth looking into. There pyhsx no other dedicated physx cards on the market and Nvidia has NO plans amd radeon physx suport AMD hardware in any way and actively make it harder to run the 2 together with each new driver release.

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So the answer is, yes its possible. Damn I thought you could still use an old nvidia gpu with your Amd radeon physx gpu, so long as it was dedicated amd radeon physx physics. I still have that old BFG card Im not here to start a “blah better blah dis dat” End of story, Warframe is Nvidia software bundle.


Originally posted by Master Sweeper:. It’s also for this same reason that many high-performance-computers HPCs and Supercomputers are essentially a huge array of GPUs managed by a processor.

I fired the testbed up again, allowed the game to update, checked the same INI files, and found that the value had changed.

Ageia invented PhysX, Nvidia bought them. You could try Hybridz or any sorta hybrid build and will find it doesnt raeon because Warframe uses the latest version of Physx and afaik efforts on developing hybrid setups and the software needed for it have stopped as Nvidia continues to make it more and more difficult. Hehe, well I think you won’t notice radson difference having PhysX disabled compared to a system with a Nvidia pysx when it comes to game play.

Dont amd radeon physx any farther. I turned the system off and went back to working on other articles. Makes you want to regret AMD doesnt it? Also amd radeon physx its brought up the “oh well PS4 has physx” It doesnt work with the latest version of Physx amd radeon physx warframe uses and afaik there are no plans to continue support.

And sorry I don’t remember how to do it.